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Whiting Family Portraits

The Whiting family hadn’t had portraits done as individuals so a setup was created during Christmas and voila! Each member received their own photo. These photos look great together framed as a group.  Consider gathering your family together and having a photoshoot party at your house. Contact Redline Designs for pricing.

Holiday Family Portraits – Starting at $150! – Reserve Yours Now!

The holidays are coming and you should be ready to gather the family together for those Holiday portraits!  It’s better to get scheduled earlier than later. Starting prices are $150 for one hour for two members and increase per member and/or per 30 minutes.  Call Redline Designs at 331-472-7491 to schedule a time and date. …

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Canadian Trip

Andrea and I took a trip up to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls and snapped some photos. I just wanted to share some personal photos with you.  Sometimes, it’s always nice to share what we see when not in a professional capacity.  Enjoy![Not a valid template] Save Save Save

Isaac’s Senior Photos

Isaac’s mother had hired Redline Designs to photograph her first born’s senior photos. Before he graduated high school, we ventured out into Mesa, AZ to shoot Isaac how he was mostly comfortable; with his guitar just enjoying the sunshine.  They were very pleased with the results. [Not a valid template]

2016 Phoenix Comicon

A big thanks to #Sara Santiago for inviting me out to Thursday’s Phoenix Comicon.  There were a lot of characters out and I had decided to shoot a few of the ones I thought made an impact.  Also, Sara’s puppet show is something one should not miss if they’re in town. 18+ and over. These …

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Puente AZ, John Legend and Juanes

These are photos from the protest against ban the box, and undocumented deportation resulting in mass incarceration in Arizona.  The event was held by Puente Movement AZ and performance included Juanes and John Legend. (only use photos with credit attached). [Not a valid template]