Redline Designs Photography


Whiting Family Portraits

The Whiting family hadn’t had portraits done as individuals so a setup was created during Christmas and voila! Each member received their own photo. These photos look great together framed as a group.  Consider gathering your family together and having a photoshoot party at your house. Contact Redline Designs for pricing.

Isaac’s Senior Photos

Isaac’s mother had hired Redline Designs to photograph her first born’s senior photos. Before he graduated high school, we ventured out into Mesa, AZ to shoot Isaac how he was mostly comfortable; with his guitar just enjoying the sunshine.  They were very pleased with the results. [Not a valid template]


Billie Photoshoot and Photoshop

#Billie was a surprise to shoot as I was practicing some techniques and one of the first to test my portrait shots.  She’s fully #Native American which was great since her traditional jewelry popped out of the photo.  The other photo was manipulated using #Photoshop. [Not a valid template]


Iaesa Photoshoot

It’s always nice to have a photoshoot at your place where other photographers gather and bring models.  This is #Iaesa and she was a pleasure to work with. [Not a valid template]

Meow Purr

Meow Plur Underwater Shoot

I only briefly met #Meow Plur at the #underwater photoshoot put on by #Sara but she was well-worth it.  I only had a few minutes with her and the shots were extremely colorful due to her makeup, hair, eyes, and choice of fabric to be shot underwater.  Excellent experiment. [Not a valid template]