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2023-11-24 18:05:22
Ne'Lexia Galloway and Bruce Franks Wedding

The Wedding of Ne'Lexia Galloway and Bruce Franks, Jr.

Ne’Lexia and Bruce are two people in my circle of best friends. So, it was an honor to photograph their special day and celebration of their love. Despite me normally avoiding weddings (usually because I get in my own head), I immediately said “yes” after Ne’Lexia asked to be their wedding photographer.

The amount of love, respect, and trust that goes into that question, “Will you shoot our wedding?” is monumental. This is spontaneously capturing an event that has moments that can’t be repeated. Everything is risked being documented by the quickness of your finger and camera sensor.

The Wedding Cake
Bridal Flowers

I didn’t even second-guess myself. I knew what was at stake and relied on my skills of photographing events in the way I see them – and that’s what Ne’Lexia wanted. So, I got out of my own headspace and headed into their nuptials with confidence. What happened after I delivered the photos was beautiful.

Ne’Lexia and Bruce as well as my photographer mentor, Wayne of Nappsack Photos (who shot my own wedding) said I nailed it! Wayne said I captured their story perfectly and Bruce and Ne’Lexia said how beautifully their special day was captured. They thanked me over and over reposting photos with hundreds of compliments on various social media formats.

The Groom Preparing
The Wedding Dress

The Beginning of the Wedding Day

Bruce and Lexi made it easy throughout the day. Ne’Lexia invited me in as she was getting ready and her makeup and hair was being prepared. Her dress was in the closet so I took it out and hung it on the door photographing it. Her preparation surrounded her with bridesmaids and family making sure she was a tad bit more stunning than she already is for her wedding.

Bruce was more relaxed with his father and best man helping him prepare for his turn at the alter. His mother entered having a private moment with her son as she awaited extending her family in the form of vows and a kiss.

The Bride
The Groom

The wedding was beautiful as the Bruce and Lexi exchanged vows through tearful eyes and anticipation to officially and publicly join in a union of matrimony. They walked down the aisle together as husband and wife amid a crowd of supporters, family, friends, and those who will protect them.

Photos of the newlyweds were taken in the yard of the beautiful and picturesque Ashley Castle in Chandler, Arizona. Family and friends gathered to have photos taken of Bruce and Ne’Lexia. Each person or group had their turn with the patient couple before heading to the reception.

Staring Into Your Eyes
A Moment Realized

The Reception Party

The reception introduced the newly unioned Bruce and Ne’Lexia Franks to the excited audience under hip-hop music and fanfare! This wasn’t just a celebration; this was a party! I captured every moment using both cameras.

The people involved in this wedding as guests and witnesses celebrated as Ne’Lexia and Bruce were the center of the universe that day. Being able to capture every moment that day was an honor and something I will never forget – and have the photos to prove it! 

In the end, I’m now aware I’m able to take wedding photos and capture a day which could be the most important in someone’s life. And I’m confident in what’s possible despite not always confident in my skills. Sometimes it takes someone else to make you believe in yourself. So, thank you Ne’Lexia and Bruce for asking me to be your wedding photographer.

First Day of Forever
A Vision Captured

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