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Festive Galloway & Franks Family Portraits

2021-01-19 15:33:06
Franks Family Photo

The Holidays have come and gone but it was a wonderful time for families to get together and celebrate…safely, of course. We’re still in a pandemic. But if you were in your own family bubble during the pandemic and quarantined together, it was a perfect time to solidify the end of the year with a family portrait or two.

The Galloway & Franks families gathered together for a wonderful festive family portrait in various combinations to celebrate the holidays. Dressed in primarily red, white, and black, Oscar-nominated former Missouri state representative, Bruce Franks, Jr. and community activist and advocate, Ne’Lexia Galloway and their extended families joined for an hour of photography.

The beautiful combination of the cloudy evening and watery background set up combinations of lovely smiles, unified power-couples, and melanated beauty in the middle of Arizona.

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