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Our Impromptu I-17 Wedding Photoshoot Went Viral

2021-09-08 11:06:06
Kelly fixing tire and Matt hitchhiking on I-17

It all began when my sister, Kelly, planned her wedding and bought her beautiful dress. Due to our father’s illness, the New Yorker and her husband decided to have the wedding out here in Arizona in the hopes his illness won’t hinder him as much to walk her down the aisle. The wedding went off without a hitch and dad was able to walk his daughter down the aisle assisted by wheelchair and pushed by my brother, Neil.

After the wedding, Kelly and Matt (her new husband) wanted to do something fun with their wedding outfits. After spending all of the money on them, why just wear them once? Wouldn’t it be fun to have a photoshoot at impromptu places to celebrate their nuptials and have a lasting memory of fun events in the dress? So, as her brother, I agreed to shoot and a couple of days later, off we went with our plan to shoot Kelly and Matt in unusual places around Phoenix.

The results were great! Climbing Piestewa Peak, at the Metro Station, at a Circle K gas station, a bowling alley, and on I-17 near a “Carefree” Highway sign. All was normal and we pulled off of the highway and way off the shoulder into the rocks to take a few photos.

Well, little did we all know, AZ Department of Transportation (AZDOT) has multiple cameras everywhere on the highway and one pointing right at us! Although we were there for about 10 minutes and moved to the next location (the mountain), we hadn’t known our photoshoot on I-17 had been noticed.

A woman on Piestewa Peak told her she saw us on Twitter. “Weren’t you just on the highway? I just saw you on the news.” The happy couple were bewildered. But after searching, sure enough, AZDOT posted a nice post and a warning at the same time. Whoops!

After that, Fox 10 Phoenix’s Justin Lum picked up the story and interviewed Matt and Kelly. We all definitely don’t advocate putting yourselves in dangerous situations. But as we only have one life to live, taking zero risks can lead to a pretty boring existence. And now the newlyweds have a fun and great wedding story to tell!

If you’d like to have a fun day of shooting for your engagement or wedding all over town, give us a call and/or make an appointment. Someone will get back to you urgently.