Redline Designs Photography

Ryan's 2021 Senior Photoshoot

2021-03-12 11:03:38

I’ve known Ryan for about a decade since her mother, Sherry, and I are good friends. So, to see her be raised as an intelligent, friendly, and outgoing young woman is a testament to her mother’s influence and support in her life. And now, this next stage in Ryan’s life is upon her: her final school year as a high school student. It’s bittersweet to see a little girl grow up and become a young woman about to leave the nest. So, to be called to capture Ryan’s 2021 Senior Portrait was an honor and a pleasure.

Meeting in downtown Phoenix, we set up with a single light setup and used the sunlight to our advantage as it began to set behind us. Below are the results of an hour capturing the essence of a high school student soon to graduate to the next stage of her life. Congratulations to Ryan and the Class of 2021 and cheers to parents like Sherry for doing such a great job to help them reach this next stage!

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