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2023-11-27 10:51:20

The Call to be Shaneka's Photographer

My photographer mentor, Wayne, of Nappsack Photos, wasn’t able to make a booking due to illness. Unfortunately, he really wasn’t feeling well and had to find a replacement photographer quickly! So, he called me to pinch-hit. Despite having another personal event, I was able to shift around schedules and help Wayne out. We’ve done this before and it’s no thing to make sure his client is serviced.

So, I packed up my camera back with my Nikon Z5 and the Nikon D7500 along with a single strobe, small modifier, and tall light stand. I brought the 70-200mm, and a 24-105mm just to be able to capture everything wide and tight. I like capturing candid photos so the natural movements of the crowd show the mood at the time. And off I went to Dolce Events in Scottsdale, AZ.

Beautiful Table Setup
Friends Awaiting Shaneka

I was able to check out the place early and set up my cameras and lighting waiting for the first guests to arrive. I met the event planner of Dolce Event and started snapping. The DJ was already there playing music and the staff was setting up the place by placing tables settings and appetizers.

I began snapping and testing the lighting as it was well-lit. The finger foods were the first to be captured along with clicking the table setups and talking with the venue photographer. Soon after, the first guests arrived all dressed in black. They took their seats and were the second people to be captured by my camera – after the DJ.

Friends Arriving
Finger Foods Laid Out

The Arrival of Shaneka

After a while, the guests had filled in and the theme was all guests dressed in black clothing. When Shaneka arrived, the crowd shouted as the birthday was welcomed in her stunning red dress – standing out from everybody. I was able to capture her entrance and many hugs and greetings of her guests.

By standing back and allowing people to be themselves, I capture the initial emotions without the awareness of someone snapping a big camera with a huge lens. It shows a genuine affection for the guest and the attention is strictly on that person.

The Birthday Girl Arrives
Celebrating 40 Years of Life

The party continued with guests arriving and food being served. Soon, her family was all at the party and the music was booming! The conversation was all amongst friends and family as they celebrated Shaneka’s special day.

She took it all in and soon, people took to the floor to dance to everything from 70’s R&B to Cash Money Record’s “nine-nine to the 2000’s” to today’s trap music. The party was on and myself as the camera man captured it all for the Birthday Girl to see later.

Dancing to Music
It was a family affair

The Wrap Up

It took four hours and a LOT of photos but I had captured enough for Shaneka to know her birthday party would be remembered. The event continued as I took photos of her grand re-entrance, her with her children, guests under some really awesome lighting, and more.

There were photos of the birthday cake, singing to the birthday girl, and Shaneka just enjoying her day to be celebrated for 40 years. Although I didn’t know these people personally, I felt their love and captured their closeness to remember where they were on this day in particular.

I went home knowing I took every photo I could take and edited them to package for Wayne and Shaneka. They approved them and loved every one taken. Capturing moments is so precious and being able to stand back to do that is always an honor.

Proud Young Lady
Birthday Cake

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